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Product:Sodium Sulphide
Used as making sulphur dyesor dyestuff intermediate reducer, mordant, flota..

Product:Sodium Sulfate
Used as filler of detergent, making of sodium sulphide, water glass, or used...

Product:Sodium Sulfit
used in medicine, papermaking, tannage, leather, printing, dyeing, bleaching...

Product:Sodium Bicarb
Used as food fermentation,detergent ingredient,carbondoxide foamer, pharmacy
Product:Soda Ash
Mainly used in chemical industry,glass-manufacturing, metallurgy, paper-manu...

Product:Sodium Hydros
Used in the synthesis of organic intermediates and in the preparation of aux...

Product:Sodium Carbox.
Uses : In producing synthetic detergent, tooth-paste; also used in textile...

Product:sodium metabi
Main uses: Bleach agent (e.g.candies, cake, bamboo shoots, etc); Loose agent...